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Welcome to
Haven & King Law Firm

        Haven & King Law Firm is headquartered in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, with offices in Irvine. Our superiorly located offices have deep roots in the heart of Los Angeles and the Chinese communities in Southern California. Founded by a group of legal professionals holding licenses in CA Bar and NY Bar, our firm brings together outstanding legal talents from both China and the United States. We cover a wide range of legal areas, including business contracts, real estate transactions, living trusts, business immigration, and more. We specialize in handling business immigration cases such as L1, EB1, EB5, as well as non-litigation services like family trusts and real estate investments.

        Furthermore, we have accumulated extensive social resources in the United States, especially in the Los Angeles area. We have established diverse partnerships with law firms, investment companies, educational consultant agencies, regional centers, and others. We actively engage in collaborative efforts and have gained a wealth of successful experience.


        Haven & King Law Firm adheres to the principles of 'Sincerity in People, Excellence in Matters, Compliance with Heaven.' Our mission is to provide outstanding services to Chinese compatriots, including services related to investment, immigration, trade, and study in the United States. Our goal is to help them achieve the American Dream and provide solid legal support for their lives and careers in the United States.


First Free Consultation

Free Consultation Opportunity: To better understand your case, we offer a complimentary initial consultation (duration ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the case type).

Reasonable Fees

Reasonable Fee Structure: Before signing any contracts, our lawyers will provide a detailed breakdown of the fee structure, with no hidden charges.


Personalized Guidance

We understand that the legal needs of each client are unique. Therefore, we are committed to providing personalized and tailored legal services to ensure that you receive the solution that best fits your situation.

Continuous Communication

We place a high value on communication with our clients and provide ongoing updates on case progress and important information. You can reach out to us at any time to stay informed about the latest developments in your case.

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 Our Service 
  Includes :  

  • Will  and  Trust  Planning

  • Immigration  Legal  Services

  • Non-Immigrant  Visa  Services

  • Civil  and  Commercial  Legal  Services

  • Family  Legal  Services

  • Legal  Consultant

  • U. S. - Related  Investigation  Services

  • U. S. - Related  Debt  Collection  Services

We Hear, We Fight and You Succeed.


what our clients say about us

I do business between the United States and China, and I have dealt with many law firms and lawyers, but Jenny is the most sincere, responsible, and trustworthy lawyer I have ever met. Entrusting my legal affairs to her is absolutely reassuring."


"Jenny is a devout Christian, and she embodies the qualities that Christians should have - kindness, compassion, humility, integrity, and honesty. Of course, she is also very professional."



"Efficient, professional, dedicated, and honest - that's the impression Haven and King Law Firm has left on me. Whether it's labor law or other corporate legal matters, they provide both legal basis and practical advice."

-Liu Yi

"Haven and King Law Firm has a professional family trust team. They helped my family establish a family trust, effectively avoiding inheritance disputes for my father and reducing our tax burden." 


"My EB-1 approval has come through! Thanks to the hard work of Haven and King legal team, thanks to Jenny's assistance, and thanks to Eric and Ruby for patiently handling my 'harassment.' You've really worked hard during this time!"


"Haven and King Law Firm is truly an exquisite law firm. They handle things with precision, and their service is even more refined. Both my friends and I have gone through the immigration process with Haven and King, and while professionalism is a given, we were truly touched by their work style and service mindset - they are diligent and meticulous. I haven't had experience with other law firms, so I don't know if all American law firms are like this."  


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