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       The name of HAVEN AND KING LAW FIRM is not just an identifier, but also a declaration of our firm's belief and commitment to safeguarding the rights of our clients. The literal meaning of "HAVEN" is to shelter and protect, symbolizing our belief that God is the shelter and protection of our law firm, and our law firm serves as the shelter and protection for our clients. The initial "K" in "KING" stands for "KINDNESS," which signifies kindness. While lawyers are often perceived as sharp and potentially causing harm, we aspire for the lawyers in our law firm to bring kindness and love to our clients.The letter "I" represents "INTEGRITY," signifying our commitment to treating our clients with honesty to instill confidence in them. The letter "N" represents "NOBLE," indicating our willingness to help clients achieve their aspirations. This is the aspiration of all our lawyers and staff, and we also hope that both our clients and we ourselves strive to be noble individuals. We do not want our clients or ourselves to feel like we are engaged in activities that are displeasing to a higher power or are morally unethical due to the matters we handle. The letter "G" stands for "GRATITUDE," expressing our immense gratitude to God. We are also thankful for the trust our clients place in us and particularly appreciate the secure environment provided by the U.S. government, enabling us to assist our clients in realizing their American dreams or achieving their aspirations.

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Our Team Members


Jenny Wang

Attorney At Law


         Attorney Jenny Wang is the founder of Haven and King Law Firm in the United States. She holds a Juris Doctorate degree and a Master's degree in International Hotel Management. Her hometown is Beijing. She studied abroad at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom and earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Wayne State University in the United States. Attorney Wang's international educational background not only provides her with a profound understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures but also equips her with a cross-disciplinary academic foundation, giving her unique insights and perceptiveness in her legal career.

         She previously worked at a large law firm where she drafted various business contracts and actively participated in numerous commercial litigation and arbitration cases. Her experience particularly shines in managing, organizing, and facilitating communication in cases involving Sino-American businesses. She has achieved outstanding results in collaboration with Chinese government entities such as the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), ensuring the smooth progression of cases.

         Attorney Wang excels in business immigration, investment trade, and business negotiations. She has successfully handled nearly a hundred cases of professional immigration, such as EB-5 investment immigration, O-1 extraordinary ability visas, and L-1 intracompany transferees, earning unanimous praise from her clients. In addition, she specializes in financial planning, family trusts, and other financial sectors.

         Throughout her career in the American legal community, Attorney Wang has adhered to high standards of professional ethics and believes in the principle of being a person of integrity in business. With her exceptional legal skills and extensive practice experience, she has earned the respect and trust of both new and longstanding clients. Attorney Wang leads the Haven and King legal team in providing outstanding legal and business services to Chinese clients, covering various areas including real estate investment, business immigration, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and more. We welcome collaboration from all sectors to work together for mutual growth and brilliance!

        Robert J. Albrecht has been practicing law for almost 50 years. He has extensive, diverse and successful experience in all aspects of civil litigation, trial and appeals, and general business practice. He also specializes in telecommunications and IP matters.


        Robert J. Albrecht has worked in Encino, South. Lake Tahoe, Culver City and Los Angeles. Starting in 1974, he practiced law mainly in civil, copyright and defamation litigation, business and IP/entertainment transaction. He became skilled in litigation and became head of litigation department for Woodland Hills office of “top 50” business law firm. Robert has become CFO of the firm he has worked for since 1990s. He has won several “high profile” business lawsuits and keep excellent records of success as well in IP, copyright and more. Now Robert is the general and litigation counsel for a public corporation and municipal administration. Meanwhile, he is also a founder and CEO of a telecommunication company.

Robert J. Albrecht

Attorney At Law/Of Counsel


Robert Burgermeister

Attorney At Law

        Robert Burgermeister is licensed to practice law in the State of California. He grew up in Switzerland, and then he moved to the United States. He attended the Northwestern California University School of Law in Sacramento, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree, and he graduated as a Juris Doctor.

       Robert was recognized as an intelligent and persistent Attorney. He has a reputation for wearing down witnesses and forcing them to tell the truth. Witnesses struggle when he cross-examines them. He has the ability to keep a witness on the witness stand all day long until he gets the truth out of them. Robert has also established that if something is a surprise, he is a rapid thinker. He has a great talent at the court to explain and convince the Judge to rule in his favor on a motion before the court that most attorneys would have lost. Robert is a distinct and robust attorney for the clients he represents.

        Robert loves to travel, he has a passion for arts and history, he loves animals and sports, and he has a passion for people who need help. Also, he is a world.


        Jose Hernandez graduated from Western State College of Law with a Juris Doctor degree and is fluent in both English and Spanish. Prior to attending law school, he had the privilege of pursuing a career as a professional baseball player. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2009 and successfully participated in the Major League Baseball draft. During his time in law school, he was honored with the Marcy Blanchard Wilbur Award for outstanding leadership and academic achievements. Today, Attorney Jose Hernandez is dedicated to his legal practice, leveraging his unique background and skills with passion and determination to advocate for the best interests of his clients. His areas of expertise encompass business contracts, copyright law, trademark law, negotiations, and drafting operating agreements.

Jose Hernandez

Attorney At Law/Of Counsel


        Eric Zhang graduated from Nanjing University and successfully passed the National Judicial Examination of the People's Republic of China in 2009, obtaining his license to practice law in China. With over 10 years of extensive experience in both Chinese and American legal fields, he specializes in various areas including marriage, trusts, immigration, intellectual property, and legal investigations.


        During his tenure as a partner at a domestic law firm, Eric demonstrated outstanding professional skills and leadership abilities. He has accumulated over 14 years of experience in the legal profession, building a dynamic legal career. He possesses deep legal knowledge, excellent communication skills, broad work experience, and a strong professional network.

        Furthermore, Eric has also served as the head of the immigration department at a well-known Chinese law firm in the United States, where he has a thorough understanding of various immigration procedures. His expertise and outstanding performance have earned him recognition in the Sino-American legal field, providing robust support to clients in resolving issues involving cross-border legal matters.

Eric Zhang

Senior Chinese Attorney

Legal Advisor for China


       Patrick Gao, Ph.D. in Law, Master's Supervisor. Patrick Gao was the Senior Visiting Scholar at the University of Minnesota, New Jersey State University, and the University of California. He has published over 80 academic articles, including nearly 30 in core journals. He was invited in many countries, such as India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. He serves as the Academic Director and Consulting Professor at Haven King Law Firm. Patrick has extensive experience in areas such as National Interest Waiver Immigration (NIW), Extraordinary Ability Immigration (EB-1A), and J-1 Visa for visiting scholars. He specializes in research and publication of academic papers both domestically and internationally, as well as enhancing the self-competence of academic talents.

Patrick Gao

Academic Director

Consulting Professor 


        Victoria Robles is a legal assistant at Haven and King Law Firm in the United States. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with dual degrees in psychology and history and is currently attending law school. Victoria has been working in the legal industry since her sophomore year of college, accumulating several years of professional experience. She has previously worked in the offices of solo practitioners, the courts, an international law firm, and within a prominent financial corporation. Her work experience spans various fields, including civil and intellectual property litigation, taxation, trusts and estates, housing law, family law, personal injury, and immigration law. These past experiences have further solidified her interest in becoming an attorney.


        Outside of work, Victoria enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching trivia game shows, and has a passion for travel. She is excited to be a part of the Haven and King Law Firm team and looks forward to the road ahead.

Victoria Linda Robles



         Joey Zhou graduated with dual Master's degrees in Law from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law in China and Washington University in St. Louis, USA. In 2016, he successfully passed the National Judicial Examination of the People's Republic of China and has since accumulated a wealth of work experience, having worked at several top law firms in China, including Allbright Law Office, Deheng Law Office, and  Jingsh Law Firm.

Joey has gained extensive professional experience in areas such as IPOs, business compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy. His international education and work experience have not only honed his exceptional English language skills but have also solidified his expertise in the legal field. Currently, Joey focuses on immigration and trusts, and with his profound legal knowledge and genuine commitment to service, he has earned high recognition and trust from his clients.

         In his spare time, Joey has a wide range of interests. He is not only proficient in playing the guitar but also skilled in photography and filmmaking. Additionally, he has a passion for traveling and enjoys sports like badminton and swimming. Joey approaches each client at Haven and King Law Firm with a positive attitude, treating their cases with the same level of care as if they were his own. Joey looks forward to pursuing satisfaction and success together with you.

Joey Zhou



Matthew Liu


      Matthew Liu is a legal assistant at Haven & King Law Firm and a second-year law student at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, where he is expected to graduate in 2025. He is an outstanding law student, awarded the Hugo Grotius Scholar International Scholarship and the Dean's Scholarship in recognition of his exceptional academic achievements. Before gaining admission to law school, Matthew earned a Bachelor's degree in International Studies from California State University, Long Beach, with a GPA of 3.73. He graduated with honors, earned a place on the President's List, and became a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. Matthew is fluent in Mandarin and proficient in Shanghainese and Minnan dialects, in addition to having conversational ability in Japanese.


        He has extensive work experience in the legal services field, having collaborated with the law firm for several years, assisting attorneys in preparing various immigration application materials, specializing in employment and family immigration applications, including H1B, L-1, EB-5, and others. Additionally, he has been responsible for drafting agreements, contracts, and attorney correspondence, as well as assisting in legal research for criminal and civil cases. He has served as a legal intern, most recently at US Together in Cleveland. In this role, he actively contributed to research on immigration laws, asylum regulations, relevant precedents, and national interest waivers to support the preparation of asylum cases. In previous roles, he worked as an international sales representative at Mill Powder Tech Solutions in Taiwan, successfully promoting industrial-scale equipment through customer-oriented strategies to international clients in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, and other regions.


        In addition to his professional experience, Matthew is passionate about volunteering. He currently serves as the President of the Case Western Reserve University Taiwanese Student Association and has previously held the position of Public Relations Officer at the California State University, Long Beach Taiwanese Student Association. He has also served in various roles at his local church, including Worship Leader, Translator, Youth Ministry Director, and Information Editor. Matthew combines his diverse skills and leadership abilities with his legal education, aiming to achieve excellence in the legal field and make a positive contribution to society and his career. Thank you for getting to know Matthew, and we look forward to the opportunity to engage with him further.


         Ruby Ren obtained her master's degree in 2011 and is proficient in English, Chinese, and Cantonese. During her graduate exchange program at Peking University, she successfully earned a master's degree and assisted in translating multiple English works. With a cross-disciplinary education and academic background in both China and the United States, she possesses rigorous analytical skills and a cross-cultural service philosophy.

         Ruby has substantial practical experience in the field of U.S. visas and immigration. While working at Haven and King Law Firm, she not only served diverse business clients with various needs but also provided comprehensive services to aspiring students studying in the United States, including university applications and visa applications. Furthermore, she achieved outstanding results in client case document organization, third-party progress tracking, immigration interviews, and more. This reflects her meticulous work ethic and humble, honest service attitude.


         Ruby consistently adheres to Haven and King Law Firm's work principles of "integrity in character, excellence in work, and alignment with the will of heaven." She upholds higher standards of professional ethics for herself, empathizes with and understands clients' core needs, and provides timely and accurate personalized services, earning high recognition and trust from clients and all stakeholders.

​Ruby Ren

Legal Assistant

Customer Service Manager


Crystal chan

Media Marketing Manager

         Crystal hails from Qingtian, Zhejiang. Although she pursued studies in linguistics and literature during college, her family's background in the trade industry led her to delve into international commerce from a young age. Over the course of two decades, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in this field. In her spare time, Crystal enjoys mastering various professional software, teaching herself skills in web marketing, web design, creative advertising, as well as audio and video editing and production. Proficient in a variety of design software, she boasts extensive experience in graphic design. Additionally, she excels in data analysis and formulating marketing strategies, offering tailored marketing solutions to clients. She is a trusted advisor for successful operations on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart,  Ebay, Wayfair, and Shopify. Crystal is well-versed in marketing on diverse social media platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and X/Twitter. She can provide content creation and brand development advice based on your target audience, helping you create valuable, engaging content in the form of articles, videos, images, and more, tailored to meet the needs and interests of your audience.

         Crystal is passionate about creative work and believes that creativity transcends beyond canvases and screens; it is omnipresent, always ready to manifest. Each innovative idea, each breakthrough, represents her enthusiasm for both her career and life, as well as her aspirations for the future. We look forward to Crystal's creative ideas providing additional support for the clients of Haven & King Law Firm in Los Angeles, helping them achieve broader career development and expand business opportunities. This is the distinctive and outstanding service our law firm provides for our clients.


        Li Ye, a graduate of Shanghai University of Applied Technology, holds a bachelor's degree in Cosmetic Technology and Engineering, as well as a master's degree in Biology and Medicine from the same institution. He has gained invaluable experience through his tenure at Symrise and Juyi Group. Furthermore, Li Ye boasts numerous years of expertise in the realms of photography and post-production. Presently, he is actively engaged at Tianen Lawyers, where he assumes responsibilities for video editing, post-production, and design, in addition to managing the firm's domestic platform accounts.

Li Ye
Media Marketing Consultant


Jenny and Her Friends

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