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Factors to Consider for "Spousal Support" Payments in California, USA

California law (Family Code Section 4320) specifies factors to consider when determining "spousal support," including but not limited to the following:

· Both parties' income and employment skills necessary to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage.

· The impact of unemployment on the supported party's current or future earning capacity.

· Contributions made by the supported party to the other party's education, training, career, or license.

· The paying party's financial circumstances, including income, assets, and standard of living.

· The needs of each party based on the marital standard of living.

· The assets and debts of each party.

· The duration of the marriage.

· The ability of the supported party to engage in gainful employment without interfering with the best interests of dependent children.

· The ages and health of the parties.

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